Taking care of your skin doesn’t only mean using fancy tools and expensive creams. Sometimes it’s the easy, simple and everyday habits that make the biggest difference. So without further delay, here are 5 easy skincare habits and simple tips to incorporate into your daily life to get your skin from where it is now, to where you want it to go: glowing, clear and radiant looking!

1. Stop touching your face all the time!

Every time you touch your face you transport the dirt, bacteria and other particles from your hands to your face. Think about what your hands come in contact with during the day (even with washing your hands multiple times per day) – do you think all of that is helpful for your skin? No? Then stop touching your face!

2. Remove dirt & makeup every evening

It doesn’t really matter if you wear a lot of foundation during the day, none at all or only use moisturizer – there is still a lot going on on top of your skin. Just like we talked about before – your skin comes in contact with your hands, your phone, clothing, a facemask, sweat, dirt, pollution and so much more during the day. All of that leaves traces behind on your skin. So let’s make sure we remove all of that in the evening before heading to bed!
Giving your skin a deep cleansing will benefit you in the short- but also in the long-run. It can even help with anti-ageing. I personally use the LumiSpa to cleanse my face every evening and I highly, highly recommend it to any of my friends. You can check it out here – LumiSpa.

3. Wear moisturizer with SPF daily!

Did you know that even when you are just sitting in front of a window, the UV rays from the sun can cause damage on your skin? Have you noticed that you can get a sunburn even on cloudy days? So you KNOW, that SPF is not only meant to be used when sunbathing.

Nowadays there are a lot of moisturizers and even foundations that include SPF 25, SPF 30 or even higher. I suggest you start using one every day and protect your sun from the damaging effects of the sun.

What most people don’t know is that bluelight and infrared light, stemming from our phones, laptops and other screens, is damaging as well! It penetrates the skin to an even deeper level than UVB rays from the sun. Which means that it can cause damage on an even deeper level, leading to premature signs of ageing etc. If we consider how much time we spend in front of screens, it might be a good idea to protect ourselves. Look out for a protective moisturizer like this one – Day Dream Protective Lotion to protect yourself!

4. eat (semi-)clean

Let’s be honest – no one can say no to chocolate, chips and fast food all together. But eating a semi-clean diet about 80% of the time gives your organs the chance to do what they were meant to do and keep your body healthy all over. That also makes it easier for them to keep your skin clean and without breakouts or irritations.

Remember: healthy and happy organs means glowing skin!

5. Stay hydrated!

Drinking about 3 liters of water a day keeps your organs happy and your skin will thank you as well! Have you ever noticed how your skin magically clears up if you drink a lot of water for one or two weeks straight? Why not do it all the time?

You don’t need to add anything to your water, just keep it simple. And if you can’t stand the taste of simple water any more, try adding a few slices of lemon or a few berries. Unsweetened tea is also fine.


Have fun on your skincare journey!
Let me know, if you’ve incorporated these 5 easy skincare habits into your daily routine and if these tips are helpful for you




5 easy skincare habits
5 skin care habits for everyday to get healthy skin




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