In this product review we’ll have a closer look on the ageLOC LumiSpa and see if it is worth the hype and worth the money.

Since the launch of LumiSpa two years ago, this beauty device has spread like wildfire. This device is taking the beauty industry by storm, winning various recognized prizes in the beauty sector. One of them being the Asos Beauty Award. But it is also celebrated in biotechnology (here). And even the business magazine Forbes recommends the LumiSpa as a Christmas gift (here).

Many beauty fans, makeup gurus, skincare and cosmetics junkies have heard about it from one source or another. You may even know someone who already uses it. If you don’t belong to this group, you are probably wondering: what is she talking about and what is this LumiSpa? So here is a brief explanation:

The ageLOC LumiSpa from the skincare and health company NuSkin is a rechargeable, waterproof skin cleansing device that you can use at home. That’s the short version. But there is a lot more behind it.
After all, there are now many cleansing devices on the market. What makes the LumiSpa stand out from the rest? So here are the major differences:

Silicone head

Silicone Head

Very many are now electric cleaning BRUSHES a term and I also had one at home. The LumiSpa does not have a brush head but instead an antibacterial silicone head. They have even incorporated silver into it. Very bougie indeed. This makes it much easier to clean – just hold it under running water, brush it briefly and it’s ready to be used again.


As for brushes, on the other hand, they often retain some of the dirt we just cleaned off our face. The next time we use it, this is reapplied to the face and we end up in a vicious circle.


Dual Rotation

The LumiSpa uses a patented Two-Sense Motion technology. This means that the two parts of the silicone head rotate in the opposite direction from each other. This creates a kind of vacuum on your pores and makes them release excess sebum, makeup, dirt and the like to the outside. And this is where it is removed by the LumiSpa. Additionally the skin is stimulated by the movement and vibrations.



The LumiSpa puts impulses that stimulate the blood circulation of the skin. This is also said to increase collagen production which we need for our skin not to get saggy and cause lines and wrinkles. Aka it is counteracting skin aging.



The LumiSpa does not require batteries but is easily rechargeable. The charger is included. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to take the charger with you when you plan a weekend trip. With normal use 2 times a day, the battery will last about 3-4 weeks. When the battery starts to run low, the LumiSpa will light up yellow. Connect to the charger over night and it’s good-to-go again. If that’s not more environmentally friendly than to use cotton pads, makeup wipes and co daily I don’t know what is.



The LumiSpa is 100% waterproof. So there is no problem if you want to take it into the shower with you.

LumiSpa Product Review
ageLOC® LumiSpa™ Skincare

My Conclusion

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, let me spil it out for you: I’m a huge fan of the LumiSpa.

For me, the LumiSpa is absolutely worth the investment. Even after the first use, I was thrilled with the feeling I had after cleansing. After almost 2 years of consistent daily use my skin appearance has improved significantly, is now healthier, cleaner and more radiant! I love it for my daily cleansing routine

When you try it out for yourself for the first time, remove your make-up first with a conventional make-up remover and then apply the LumiSpa and see with your own eyes what would have remained in the pores, you are convinced!
Of course, the LumiSpa alone is not yet a miracle worker, a continuous care routine is just as important as finding the right products for your own skin type.

I am highly in love with my LumiSpa and would not give it up for all the money in the world! That is also why I chose to become an affiliate for it. So if you want to get your hands on one of those amazing devices, do not hesistate to contact me on IG and I will set you up.

If you want more comprehensive skincare advice and recommendations regarding your personalized skincare routine – check out this link here, answer a few questions and I will get back to you ASAP with advice and tips.



Is the LumiSpa worth the money

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